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You can join The Ride from 17 August 2020

The Next Training Block Starts at 1 December 2020

You can join The Ride from 19 November 2020

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frequently asked questions

How fit do I need to be?

The plans are suitable for all rider abilities from first time riders to experienced races and are based on your FTP. If you are new to Zwift, the group rides keep everyone together no matter how fast they are going so nobody gets dropped. Races are done by category so you are with riders of similar ability and outdoor rides have different routes suitable for all categories.

When are the sessions?​

Most of the sessions will be at 7pm or 8pm on weekday nights lasting around 1 hour and then UK rides will alternate between Saturday & Sundays all across the country. Turbo sessions are Mon, Tues & Thurs with Wed being a day off the bike with yoga or conditioning. Friday evenings are for our social races to end the indoor part of the training on a high.

What is FTP?​

FTP is your ‘threshold’ or the amount of power you can sustain for 1 hour. A 20-minute test is used to calculate this & your FTP is then 95% of your 20-minute average power. We test every quarter but Zwift also updates your power more frequently as you get stronger. While it is the main metric we use to measure improvement, the real progress is feeling better / stronger on real life rides and climbs.

How many sessions am I expected to do each week?

We understand your life is full of other commitments. You will see improvement via the quality of your sessions and not the quantity. Most people do 2 or 3 sessions per week plus a weekend ride and as long as you are committing to each session you should see some good improvement.